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Scars - Physical vs. Emotional

Scars - Physical vs. Emotional) (Note:  I wrote this 4 years ago with the intention of posting it, but it looks like I never got around to doing that, so after reading it again, I decided this needed to be posted) --------------------------------------------------------------------- After having my 6th surgery in 5 years, I have a lot of scars. Some healed to the point of not being able to see them at all, and a few I will likely have the rest of my life.  While the newest ones still hurt a little, they are healing.  They will get better.  The others are just cool little reminders of what happened.  They don’t hurt at all.  That’s because, in most cases, physical scars typically heal, at least the “pain” part of them.   Emotional scars are an entirely different story.  I’ve seen a lot about bullying lately.  Both on Facebook and on TV.  It’s really sad to me, because I just don’t get it.  Why do people feel the need to bully other people?  God made us all different.  How boring would i
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Restating The Obvious Lyrics and Notes

  Restating The Obvious (This document is available in PDF format with the purchase of my album, "Restating The Obvious" on my bandcamp site here: )   “Restating The Obvious” is a complete remake of Midiboy’s 1 st full length CD which was called “Stating The Obvious.”  The original album came with a 16 page booklet that contained the lyrics, along with a story set up to look like a journal.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original graphic artwork for that album and because I’ve also restructured, added two songs and rearranged the order of some of the songs, simply copying the original booklet didn’t seem like a great plan either.   An interesting note about the original album, and ultimately still holds true for this remake, is that it was reviewed by two popular online magazines, one Christian and one Secular.  The Christian magazine said that while the music was good, the message was lacking and didn’t really seem Christian. 

Miracles Still Happen

I put this over on Facebook, but since some of my friends don't have Facebook, and this is too long to Text or post on another Social Media site I'm a member of, I thought I would post it here and send out the link.... ---------- I am going to try to keep this short. Since I've told the details of what we believe to have been sub-par care from some of the staff, I'm not going to cover all that again.  I did find the appropriate means to report all that, and have been assured that will be addressed. As you know, exactly two weeks ago today, Rene' woke up feeling an almost unbearable pain in her right arm and her fingers were numb, and the back of her neck felt sore.  She went to bed the night before feeling 100% fine.  She had me rub the back of her neck to see if maybe she had just slept wrong or perhaps overdid it the day before in her garden. We both continued on our day and both worked our jobs, came home, cooked dinner, etc.  She said her arm was still hurting q

Echoes Of The Obvious

You may have heard parts of my story on the radio.  You may have read the small 16 page “journal” that I published called Stating The Obvious, but I believe it is time to tell the rest.  My name is Logan, and this is my story.  I was born with a double cleft palette which was operated on and fixed when I was a baby, however, it left behind a rather noticeable scar and my nose was often considered flat and off center by the other kids.  For the most part, I didn’t really have a hard time dealing with that until I was in the 7th grade. -[]- I stopped at my locker to get the books for my next class.  Most of the other kids typically grabbed all the books they needed for the next several classes, but I always figured it was easier to get them one class at a time. “So, Logan, what’s your next class?” the pretentious kid with a neighboring locker asked. “Oh, I know what it is…it’s ‘How To Pick Up Your Books in Two Minutes Or Less.’ Isn’t that it?” came another excited voice from my l